Dear Participants,

We would like to welcome you not only to the conference of WrocMUN 2017 but most importantly to our beautiful, inspirational city of Wrocław! The place so diverse that we are sure that each and every one of you will find something special about it, just for yourself.

To make the whole trip easier and perhaps more organised for you we have created a travel guide to help you out while travelling and staying in Wrocław. Here are the most useful information which you might find useful.

Wrocław is one of the largest cities in Poland and various means of communication are available to travel here. There is a wide range of bus and railway routes connecting Wrocław not only to other Polish cities but also to larger, foreign ones (like Berlin, Prague, Vilnius). The city has an airport as well, located only 10 km from the centre.

By train

We greatly recommend you travelling to Wrocław by train for a few reasons. Most importantly it is comfortable (considerably more than travelling by bus) and still not very expensive. It is also quite fast providing that you do not have to change trains – but don’t worry: from majority of larger cities you can find a direct train. All trains arrive at main railway station which is placed in the very centre of Wrocław so it will be easy for you to reach your hotel or apartment as well as other sites within the city. The websites which might be helpful while booking a train travel:
e-podroznik.pl (also useful in case of buses)

By bus

Although currently the main bus station in Wrocław is being rebuilt, the city operates with a temporary one, located in the centre as well. It is also a good option for you, especially if you can’t find any other direct connection to Wrocław (bus network holds probably the biggest number of possibilities to travel). It is cheap but the journey might take a little bit more time than e.g. by train (still it really depends on the city which you depart from). The most popular and trusted bus lines are PolskiBus or EuroLines, which you can find access to here:

By plane

For those of you who live more remotely from Wrocław or all those who just want to get to the city as quickly and conveniently as possible, travelling by plane is also an option. Copernicus Airport in Wrocław (or Wrocław-Strachowice) most frequently operates such lines as Ryanair, Wizz Air or Lot, both from abroad and from within the country. You can still find quite affordable prices but we would recommend you to book your flights as soon as possible because generally the costs rise with time.

How to get to the centre?

To get from the airport to the centre you can take the bus line 106 during the day and 206 in case arriving at night. The bus stop is located right in front of the exit from the airport and the buses depart approximately every 20 minutes at daytime and every 1 hour at night-time (the whole route takes around 40 minutes). Getting off at the last stop, you will arrive at the very centre where you can find further connection by buses or trams which will take you to any part of Wrocław. Of course taking a taxi from the airport is a possible and definitely most convenient way to get the centre, however we advise you not to take any cabs waiting outside the airport as they have much higher prices. Instead you can call under relatively cheap and reliable numbers such as:

  • 713 067 067 for Ryba Taxi
  • 725 71 71 71 for Wicar Taxi

In case of arriving at bus or train station, you will find bus/tram stops located nearby as well.

In Wrocław:

While moving about the city, you can use buses, trams or even rent a city bike if you prefer to discover Wrocław your own way.

Buses & Trams – you’ll find it useful!

  • The easiest and cheapest way to get round Wrocław – search for white-blue bus/tram stop signs.
  • Take a tram if you can – they are often faster than buses as they don’t get stuck in traffic.
  • It may vary depending on the line but they generally operate every 20 minutes during the day and every 10 minutes in peak hours (15.00-17.00).
  • While travelling by night bus, unfortunately you will have to wait a bit longer as at that time the lines operate approximately every hour.
  • You can find the routs on each stop as well as inside the vehicle but if you’re still not sure whether it goes where you want don’t hesitate to ask the driver or just anybody around you.
  • jakdojade.pl – it’s a very convenient and time saving website (works also as an app for mobile phones) which can help you to find the appropriate and the fastest route to any place in Wrocław. All you have to do is tap in the place where you’re at (a street, well- known building etc.) and the destination and then follow the instructions. Note: it requires internet.

Taxi & Uber

You can always call for a taxi or use Uber (it is slightly cheaper than taxis) which is available for Wrocław as well.

Best taxi companies are Ryba Taxi (713 067 067) and Wicar Taxi (725 71 71 71) – they’re both cheap and have a fixed fee for both day and night so you won’t pay that much. If you need, you can find more information on their websites: rybataxi.pl & wicartaxi.pl

Dress code for the conference is rather strict as we make sure to maintain the official character of United Nations meetings. White shirt, a dark suit with a tie and matching shoes are recommended for men and white or commonly elegant shirt optionally with a jacket and dark smart pants or a knee-long skirt for women. High heeled boots are applicable but low heeled shoes are perfectly fine as well. Suggested colours are black and white, grey and navy blue. Appropriate, subtle make up is of course suitable however provocative or distracting jewellery or hairstyle is not acceptable.

Nonetheless, you should also take some casual clothing too which might come in useful for our social events or just your leisure time.

You can find lots of various places to stay in Wrocław – from traditional, old-fashioned (but definitely not the cheapest) hotels which you can find in the old city centre, to huge modern hotels, or even low-price hostels where you can book a bed in a shared dormitory. Here we show you some of the options available; the choice is yours!

Komuny Paryskiej 19 Street

Placed close to the centre (640 m from train/bus station), excellent value for money hostel in Wrocław. You have an option of both renting a bed in shared dormitory or renting a whole room.

Relative prices for:
*per night

Twin room: 118 PLN (breakfast included)
Triple room: 127 PLN (breakfast included)
Quadruple room: 169 PLN
Single bed in 5-Bed Mixed Dormitory Room: 33 PLN

Where not stated, breakfast is not included but optional for 9 PLN.

Website: hostel-wratislavia.pl

Ruska 49 Street (reception)

If you are looking for apartments instead of hotels, you might find Friend’s apartments very attractive! All located within the centre so you will be easy for you to communicate from there. Also there are lots of restaurants, cafes and attractions nearby.

Relative prices for:
*per night

Apartment with a balcony (for 4 people): 199 PLN
Two-bedroom apartment (for 6 people): 229 PLN
Breakfast not included but optional for 25 PLN.

Website: friendshostel.com.pl

Ruska 35 Street

More exclusive hostel yet still for quite affordable price and with unique design. Also placed in the very centre of Wrocław, the hostel attracts with a terrace and breakfast served in a historic cellar.

Relative prices for:
*per night

Double/twin room: 180 PLN
Triple room: 210 PLN
Quadruple room: 220 PLN

Breakfast not included but optional for 20 PLN.

Website: 5starshostel.com

Krawiecka 1 Street (reception)

Here you can find some cozy and stylish apartments as well uncommon and colourful rooms in a hostel. All situated around the city centre as well so again you will not have a problem with finding some public transport nearby. What distinguishes Absynt Apart from other companies is that you can find really large apartments here for a reasonably low price.

Website: absyntapartments.pl

Absynt Hostel

Relative prices for:
*per night

Twin/double room: 115 PLN
Triple room: 115 PLN
Quadruple room: 159 PLN
Single bed in 8-bed or 6-bed dormitory room: 40 PLN

Breakfast not included. Shared bathroom for all rooms.

Absynt Apartments

Relative prices for:
*per night

Studio apartment (for 4 people): 193 PLN
Three-bedroom apartment (for 6 people): 310 PLN

Breakfast not included.

  1. Liceum Ogólnokształcące nr 5 (High School nr 5), Jacka Kuronia 14 Street, Wrocław

    The location of the school organising Wrocław Model United Nations 2017 where the opening ceremony takes place. You can get here using public transport, lines:

    • 136, 146, K, 134, 112, 113, 612 for buses
    • 9, 15 for trams
    The stops where you get off (depending on the line): Spiska (Ośrodek sportu), Śliczna, Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny

  2. University of Social Sciences and Humanities (SWPS university), Aleksandra Ostrowskiego 30b Street, Wrocław

    The area where the committee work takes place. Again you can use public transport, lines:

    • 107, 119, 125, 134, 136, A for buses
    • 4, 5, 11, 14, 20, 24 for trams
    The stops where you get off: FAT or Ostrowskiego

We have listed some magnificent and diverse places for you to eat. We’re sure you will find your favourite spot in Wrocław too!


  • Pierogarnia Stary Młyn – especially for people from abroad, you definitely have to try pierogies – Polish dumplings and there’s no better place for that than Stary Młyn. // Rynek 26
  • Piec na Szewskiej – for real Italian food lovers. Pizzas, pastas and gnocchi – whatever you desire and at really affordable price. Buon appetito! // Szewska 44
  • Pasibus – only in Wrocław and trust us: there’s no better place if you’re after a good burger. With classical versions of beef species as well as their own compositions. Placed in different locals but also look for their foodtrucks! // Świdnicka 11, Powstańców Śląskich 5 & others
  • Mama Manoush – Two-storey, with a really appealing and classical décor and purely wonderful food. // Świdnicka 4
  • Whiskey in the Jar – perfect place if you’re after a good ol’ stake in a very American way. Enjoy your evening with rock’n’roll in the air and a fine whiskey jar in your hand. // Rynek 23, 24
  • ZZtop – soups and toasted sandwiches here. Amazing when you’re in a hurry and for a really low price. // Kazimierza Wielkiego 25/1a & M. C. Skłodowskiej 11/1
  • PANda Ramen – Japanese cuisine with a special nod to ramen. Truly the best ones in the city. // Białoskórnicza 17/18/1
  • Wok In – Absolutely amazing Thai food. With a convention of composing your own dish so as to give you the most unique taste. // Sukiennice 1/2

For our vegetarian and vegan friends:

  • Vega – The oldest, classical vegan restaurant in Wrocław. Great variety of the menu: form soups to full dishes, burgers or pancakes. And not very pricey. // Rynek 27a
  • The Root – Tiny place but wonderful food, best choice if you’re looking for vegan wraps or sushi. // Krupnicza 3
  • Baszta – Asian food masters. You should definitely give it a shot for the classical red, yellow or green curry or something fancier from their original menu. // Krasińskiego 14
  • Żyzna – A very homely place, with fresh cakes every day! // Nożownicza 37
  • Machina Organika – A great choice if you feel like trying some Arabic cuisine. Strong Middle-Eastern vibes. // Ruska 19

Cafes & bakeries

  • Central café – Best for a bagel and a cup of coffee in a friendly, comfortable place. // Świętego Antoniego 10
  • Pochlebna – lovely organic food. Great breakfast bar for all vegetarians and vegans. // Świętego Antoniego 15
  • Vinyl café – small, cozy and really atmospheric place. Music on vinyl only. // Kotlarska 35-36
  • Bułka z masłem – Lovely food with a lovely garden. Just the right place to relax and slow down a little. // Włodkowica 8
  • Charlotte – French-styled, rather fancier bakery and a café. What’s better than a baguette with home-made preserves and a hot coffee in the morning. // Świętego Antoniego 2/4
  • Czajownia – if you prefer tea over coffee that’s the place for you. Huge variety, all served in traditional ways. You’re welcome to try some shisha there too! // Białoskórnicza 7
  • Mleczarnia – located near the synagogue, a place with a soul which turns into an elegant lounge in the evening. // Włodkowica 5
  • Nalanda – the bookstore and vegan café combined, hidden in the corner of pl. Kościuszki. // pl. Kościuszki 12
  • Market square

    Colourful, filled with old-fashioned classical buildings, vibrant heart of the city – definitely a must see for all visitors. You can take a walk around the square or spend some time just chilling in one of various cafes or restaurants. If you are up to admiring the city from above, there are two viewpoints in this area – roof parking lot in Renoma shopping centre and Witches Footbridge in Mary Magdalene cathedral. Search for charming “Hensel and Gretel”, two tenement houses joined by the arcade, and don’t be surprised if you see ‘living statues’, artists or musicians posing, performing or acting in front of the town hall or around!

  • Wrocław Contemporary Museum (MWW)

    A great place to see not only Polish but also foreign-countries exhibitions. We invite all art lovers especially those who are interested in contemporary art. The entrance is only 5 PLN with student’s discount (10 PLN for regular ticket). The very building where the museum is located is worth seeing as it is actually a bunker and used to perform that role during the World War II.
    Where: pl. Strzegomski 2a

  • Centennial Hall and the area around

    Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, one of the most beautiful buildings in Wrocław. It is now only used for organising bigger events but it’s placed near multiple other attractions like e.g. Wrocław Zoo (with its Afrykarium – the first aquarium in Poland on this scale), so you might pop in there on your way to some other sites. Art freaks will be amused by Four Domes Pavillon, housing contemporary art museum. Another place located nearby which is worth seeing is the magnificent Japanese garden where you can experience a little bit of the Far Eastern vibes or Pergola with the fountain which holds impressive multimedia performances in the evenings (for free).
    Where: Wystawowa 1 Street

  • Dzielnica Czterech Świątyń (Four Temples Square)

    The area where the four confessions – Catholicism, Orthodoxy, Lutheranism and Judaism – cross. Filled with diverse temples but the area is also recognized for its magnificent, unique cafes and bars which can serve you e.g. some typical Jewish delicacies or more fancily brewed (as well as classical) coffee. Neonside, a backyard full of old-school neon signs is definitely a must-see!
    Where: around Kazimierza Wielkiego St. and Pawła Włodkowica St.

  • Sky Tower

    If you want to admire the city’s skyline you should definitely visit to the top of Sky Tower (the biggest building in Wrocław). Best view during sunset, especially if the weather is good and the sky is clear. The entrance is 8 PLN for students (12 PLN for a regular ticket).
    Where: Powstańców Śląskich 95 Street

  • Dwarves

    While wandering around Wrocław you might come across multiple little dwarf statues located in various places around the city (but mainly in the centre). They are all different and each of them has its own name. Typical for Wrocław they have been created to commemorate the Orange Alternative (Polish anti-communist underground movement) which took place in 1980s.

Finally the part which you probably anticipated the most: party time!

If you feel like dancing, singing and having fun with your friends we recommend you stepping into Pasaż Niepolda. You’ll find classic dance clubs there like Bezsenność - endlessly vibrant and atmospheric place, full of young people and lots of space to dance.

Where: Ruska 51

If you prefer a smaller venue, more of a bar but with uniquely warm atmosphere, Afera is a place where you always feel like among your closest place. Sing along to your favourite songs during karaoke (starting 9 p.m.) or just sit and chill out on the couch downstairs.

Where: Ruska 51

You’ll also find a little less noisy and party-like sites there like Głuchy Telefon – a pub like no other in Wrocław, decorated with antiques and old-fashioned telephone booths which you can actually use to phone another table! Their drinks are honestly delicious as well!

Where: Ruska 51B

A very popular spot in Wrocław and there’s a very good reason behind it! Spend some time in the cozy underground, filled with vintage armchairs and sofas with a drink or a cup of coffee and good music. Feel welcome to have a cigarette or choose a non-smoking room... and make sure you try their coffee with whipped cream!

Where: Kiełbaśnicza 2

Spanish tastes here, place extremely lively. If you’re after some viva la vida, enjoy the evening in one of the most positively charged places in Wrocław with the unforgettably wild live music.

Where: Ratusz 11/12

Great vibes, catchy music and colourful, heavenly tasting drinks is exactly what you need after a whole day spent on working. Grab a bunch of friends and pop in to XIII Igieł – trust us, you will not regret it.

Where: Igielna 13

One of the our beloved places to hang out in the evening. Very spacious, with separate rooms for those who came to chill out and the wilder dance lovers. You might even come across a small concert if you’re lucky.

Where: Wita Stwosza 16

Don’t forget that you will also find an abundance of bars, restaurants, late cafes and clubs all around the market square so feel free to check them all out.