World Health Organization

Fostering mental healthcare in developing countries

According to most recent data, even 15% of the world population suffers from mental disorders and up to 85% of affected low- and middle-income countries’ citizen receive no treatment at all. In many states mental healthcare is still neglected and considered irrelevant, therefore making it impossible for people to seek or to receive professional help. The World Health Organization strives to find solutions that will benefit millions of affected by mental disorders United Nations citizen through improving the mental healthcare system from the international level. The committee will focus on finding the best means of enhancing mental wellbeing among people in developing countries, but also aims towards obtaining solutions that could profit more developed countries in which mental healthcare is still far from perfect. Through international cooperation and intensive debates on this undoubtfully urging issue, the United Nations strives to create a mental healthcare system to profit emergent nations and therefore – the whole world. Join the World Health Organization and help the Wrocław Model United Nations to work in the name of a socially responsible world!

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