United Nations Special Committee on Palestine

Resolving administrative disputes between the State of Palestine and the State of Israel for the after-mandate period.

Can you imagine the Middle Eastern world without Ariel Szaron, Jasir Arafat or the Oslo Agreements? If so, we invite you to join the historical recreation of the first Special Committee on Palestine and try to cope with the same question that both Jewish and Arab leaderships were faced with in 1947.


In 1947 it was clear for Great Britain that the mandate has to end soon, however the exact terms were yet to be specified. After the Balfour Declaration of March 1917, the British government was put under the pressure to grant Israel with independence, but at the same moment allow Palestinians to maintain their national unity. Faced with the threat of the war and increasing tensions, they turned towards international organizations, hoping to end the future conflict peacefully.


That is how the UNSCOP was established. It was the first attempt to reconcile the claims of both country and so the term of the “two-state solution” was picked up. The extent to which the Resolution 181, signed in November 1947, failed is yet to be clarified. If you believe that the matter could have been approached from a different point – we are waiting for your opinion. Sign in now and see how the Resolution 181 would look if you wrote it!

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