Ensuring the right to education and quality in schooling opportunities

This year’s debates in Entity for Gender Equality and Empowerment of Women, also known as UN WOMEN, will focus on a topic dear to all students, namely providing equal education to girls worldwide. Our committee will tackle two particular matters regarding schooling opportunities for girls. One of them is strengthening the links between the health and education sectors with special emphasis on  providing information about child marriage, mortality, childbearing and general healthcare. We believe that education is the solution to most problems in both the developing and western societies. The second subtopic will tackle quality and equality of education worldwide as well as fighting social stereotypes regarding woman’s role in the household. Delegates will try to solve problems with school admission systems, college acceptance ratios and providing girls with education possibilities at young age. 

We hope you will join our passionate debates and together we can stand up for those who cannot represent themselves.

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