Devising a unified NATO approach in the Israeli-Palestinian issue, in the view of recent rise in tensions​

After Balfour Declaration of 1917 and granting of the British Mandate for Palestine in 1920 by the League of Nations, the future of the eastern coast of the Mediterranean was not looking very bright, yet the colonial powers did not care much.

Hundreds of people died in this ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict spanning two centuries, in which civilian casualties mount continuously on both sides, as tensions grow to their highest since the Second Interfada, partially due to American diplomatic activity, and partially to Israel’s actions.

Now you, as a Foreign Secretary of one of North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s Member States, will have an opportunity to help solve this new and modern “Balkan Powder-Keg” of a problem during three days of grand deliberations under the watchful eyes of the most glorious Chairpersons you could ever dream of.

Will the two-state solution prevail? Will we see Zionism or Palestine Liberation Organisation win?

The future is in YOUR hands, Delegate!

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