Human Rights Council

Preservation of juveniles’ rights in prisons and detention centres worldwide

Prospective delegates!

It is our utmost pleasure to invite you to the Human Rights Council’s debates, which will be held during WrocMUN 2019 conference. This year’s topic concerns the rights of inmates – an issue very relevant, as they tend to be violated. Prisons all over the world hold well over 11 million people deprived of liberty. Inmates aren’t treated equally all over the world as the imprisonment conditions significantly differ in every country. It is our duty to discuss this issue further and hopefully implement changes, so that the inmates’ rights are preserved. This year discussions will focus on violence and corruption in prisons, as well as imprisonment conditions and various forms of sentences – punishment and rehabilitation. We believe that through international cooperation the United Nation strives to create a fair world for all people.

We cannot wait to welcome you all in the beautiful city of Wroclaw.

Yours truly,
Agnieszka Nawój & Hanna Fiutowska

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