HSC – Welcoming Word

The Historical Security Council (HSC) works in order to promote the establishment and maintenance of international peace and security with the least diversion for armament of the world’s human and economic resources. It is the equivalent of a Security Council of United Nations but it discusses and takes into consideration the historical situations that have influenced the world, with which the SC has already dealt with in the past. This committee gives the delegates a unique opportunity to debate upon already past actions and get to change the course of historical events.

Hubert Krzywonos: I believe that learning history makes us less prone to commit mistakes, knowing that there were other people who had to make similar choices to us. This knowledge made me interested in becoming a chair of Historical Security Council, as it makes rectifying the mistakes of the past possible. I am flexible and straightforward, thus I believe that I will be a right person to guide you on the upcoming debates.

Jędrzej Chmielarski: I am very interested in history and politics, therefore my first choice for the council had to be Historical Security Council. I can easily adapt and have no problem with organizing debates. I am not easily likeable, but if you share my interests, you will find a friend in me.

Contact: hsc@wrocmun.pl