Historical Security Council

The question of the South African Border War in 1979

The South African Border War, despite being a frequently overlooked conflict, was one of the most sanguinary ever seen in the African continent. It involved South Africa on one side, and combined forces of Angola, SWAPO, and their affiliated forces on the other.

In the post-World War II world, when the United Nations was finally established, the territory South-West Africa was to be administered under the UN Trusteeship agreement. In reality, though, this did not take place, since the South African governement declined to renounce the claims to the territory in question.

This sparked a military response from the South-West Africa People’s Organisation, which caused the volatility of this conflict to further escalate. Yet, the Border War started only in 1966, after a momentous clash between a unit of the SA Police and SWAPO forces.

We will be reflecting on this conflict in hindsight, from the 1979’s perspective. The committee is expected to find solutions that may be applicable for this time period, taking into account the circumstances in 1979 and the years prior.

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