Economic and Social Council

The Amazon rainforest fire - the aftermat

Forests cover 30% of the Earth’s land area. An estimated 25% of the global population depends on them for subsistence, livelihood, employment and income generation. Yet global policy on protection and sustainable consumption of this common access resource has not been reached. Amid recent Amazon Rainforest fires, the necessity of widely approved solution becomes a particularly burning problem. Brazilian National Institute for Space Research (INPE), declares that its satellite data shows 85% increase in fires compared to the same period in previous year. Number of stakeholders involved, poses a complex problem for policy makers. Not only interests of 13 million people employed in the forested areas must be ensured, but the whole global population is being directly affected by actions undertaken in forests. This year’s session of ECOSOC will be devoted to designing a policy, which will ensure sustainable use of forests. We aim to prevent and enhance global ecosystem and economy, without compromising welfare and wellbeing of individuals, living and working within and around woodlands. While the Amazon Rainforest case is the most recent major crisis, the council aims to find a solution, which will take care of the environment and ensure a bright future for all the beneficiaries of clean, healthy and productive forests – for all of us.

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