Rules of WrocMUN 2017 conference

  1. By submitting the application, participant confirms that they have read, understood and accepted the rules of registration.
  2. Submission of registration form does not guarantee participation in WrocMUN 2017 due to restricted number of participants. Delegates are chosen on the basis of experience and extended answer contained in the registration form.
  3. As each country needs to have a complete delegation, with a representative in every committee, if not full delegation is submitted, individual applicants will be joined to form full delegation.
  4. To be eligible for participation in WrocMUN 2017, participant needs to fill in and submit registration until 20th of October.
  5. School and parents of each delegate must be informed and need to agree on their participation in WrocMUN 2017 on the school regulation basis.
  6. Each participant (or delegation) needs to have a supervisor. Supervisors are not allowed to take part in the conference as delegates or staff members.
  7. In order to be permitted to participate in the conference, underage delegates are obliged to send a scan of a signed parental consent form (available above). The form has to be send to within 7 days of being accepted to attend the conference.
  8. Each participant needs to pay a fee 150 PLN Polish citizens or 35 EUR for international students. Fee is to be paid within a week after receiving confirmation of acceptance. The title of the transfer should be:
    WrocMUN 2017
    Delegate name and surname
    In case of group transfers, the title of the transfer should include names of all the delegates for whom the fee has been paid.
  9. Bank account details:
    Zespół Szkół Ogólnokształcących Nr 5
    Ul. Jacka Kuronia 14
    50-550 Wrocław
    • Polish delegates:
      Account numer: 54 1020 2137 0000 9202 0141 4457
    • International delegates:
      IBAN: PL 54 1020 2137 0000 9202 0141 4457
  10. Fee includes: conference materials, lunch (1st, 2nd and 3rd day of the conference), coffee breaks. Accommodation and transport to Wrocław is to be arranged and paid by participants individually.
  11. All participants must be of high school age and currently attend high school or equivalent school.
  12. Participant agrees to share their personal data, including e-mail address, among WrocMUN 2017 staff or recruitment procedures and distribution of materials.
  13. Each delegate is obliged to prepare materials stated at the end of each booklet of information.
  14. Each delegation is obliged to prepare an opening speech to be delivered at the Opening Ceremony.
  15. Dress code of the conference is highly formal and all procedures are conducted in English.
  16. WrocMUN organizers are not taking any responsibility for the damage done by any of the participants; in such a case the participant is obliged to covert the expenses of the damage.
  17. Contact to the organizers in case of emergency:
    • telephone:
      (+48)604153064 - Sonia Jakubiak, WrocMUN 2017 Secretary General
      (+48) 883211255 - Zuzanna Ściborska, WrocMUN 2017 Deputy Secretary General
      (+48) 781080436 - Sara Kotulska, WrocMUN 2017 Deputy Secretary General
    • email: