Friday, November 29th 2019


After two days of intense debates every committee was given time to present their resolution, after which the delegates discussed and voted upon it. out of five, only the HRC and ECOSOC resolutions failed to pass, but all of them provided fascinating debates that left us satisfied and proud of the academic level of the conference. Keeping that in mind, the exhaustion started to creep up on some people, which led to them not paying attention during the assembly. Chairs of the SC were caught using page notes to play tic-tac-toe, while the delegate of Australia was reprimanded for browsing memes on their mobile device during the ceremony. It led to the Secretary General being asked for a definition of a meme, which she provided to everyone’s delight.


The ceremony started with Deputy Secretary General thanking sponsors of WrocMUN 2019, as well as the person, who puts exceptional effort into making the event is a success year after year. We are proud to report, that Ms. Anna Wojczyńska has received standing ovations for her hard work, as the conference would not happen without her. The delegate were also recognised for their outstanding performances during debates, when the chairs awarded best delegates from every committee:

SC – Sebastian Portka – People’s Republic of China
UNESCO – Kristopher Charles-Cabrera – French Republic
ECOSOC – Valentine Martin – Co-operative Republic of Guyana
UNSCOP – Michał Multan – Commonwealth of Australia
HR – Dongmin Seo – Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

The conference was closed with two moving speeches from Karolina Barańska, the President of General Assembly and Lila Bednarska, the Secretary General. After the official part was over, the only thing left was to punish misbehaving participants. Chairs of SC were ask to perform a lap dance to the song Eluwina, but according to the delegates, it was not enough. Remaining guilty individuals had to dance to BBoom BBoom by MOMOLAND per request of the delegate of DPRK. With that, everyone left Wrocław Model United Nations 2019 with a smile in their faces.


We hope, that every one of the attendees enjoyed their time at this year’s conference. We are proud of the academic level that the delegates have portrayed, the sheer number of pages that decided to help us and the fact that the hard work put into this event was recognised. Thank you for joining us this year an we kindly invite you to come back next year.

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