Wednesday, November 27th 2019


During the GA, ambassadors delivered well-prepared speeches. Delegates of Russia and China deserve an honorable mention, due to their exceptional willingness to participate.  Amongst the analyzed topics were the conflict in the Middle East and the Civil War in Libya. “Oh yes, GA went fine, but there was some screaming and that was scary af!” concluded one of the delegates. The assembly was considered a success and left everyone anticipating fierce debates during committee sessions.


Each year the secretariat makes sure that all the delegates have access to delicious meals, regardless of dietary choices. Unfortunately, not everyone is satisfied with this year’s options. President of General Assembly has been approached by a frustrated delegate, asking about vegan coffee break snacks. Even though vegan lunches were provided, it was discovered that there were no vegan options during a coffee break! We are not sure whether or not the cookies had contained animal products, leaving vegan delegates only with a carton of soy milk. Moreover, our residential vegans from the media team have been spotted eating said cookies. When asked about it, they stated that hunger pushed them to commit this desperate act.


We are extremely lucky to have an amazing team of pages this year. Over 60 people decided to help make this conference a reality. Three pages are present at every committee, with more people waiting outside the doors and helping distribute the notes between different parts of SWPS. But that is not everything they do. Pages help to keep everything running smoothly, make sure that the delegates are provided with everything that is needed. The Queens of Pages have reported that they are amazed by how dedicated and hard-working their team is. “They are so energetic, we suspect large amounts of coffee were involved” stated one of the Queens.


Punishments are one of the funniest aspects of MUNs, usually carried out in the form of a song or a dance. This year though, the chairs of SC decided to resolve them more creatively. They punished the delegates by asking them to read out loud parts of “My Immortal”, an infamous Harry Potter fanfiction, therefore showing that they truly are people of culture. However, delegates were not the only ones being punished. One of the chairs was significantly late and his penance was to be downgraded and become a delegate of Palestine for the rest of the day. Fortunately, tomorrow he will once more take his position amongst the chairs.

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