The Board

Secretary General

Dear all, my name is Julia, although 90% of the people, who know me, call me “Wu”. If you would ever see me in any place and at any time, do not hesitate to approach me because there are only few things that I love more than a good conversation. What I also adore, is being involved in youth organizations, such as MUNA Poland, European Youth Parliament or Youth Parliament of Wrocław. And eating ice cream, above all. Wroclaw Model United Nations 2016 is fostered with all my love and experience comming from everything that I do in life. Thus, for now my sole wish remains, that you will get to enjoy every aspect of the conference. See you soon!

Julia Wodzińska
Madame Secretary-General



Deputy Secretary General

I am Jagoda Kochan. Travelling is my beloved passion as well as meeting new cultures. I believe global issues and conflicts are very relevant in current times. As Deputy Secreatary General of this year’s WrocMUN I will try to take care of all planned activities from the beginning of the conference, till its very end. Also, I will pay attention to the convience of delegates as well as their awensome memories from the trip to European Capital of Culture 2016.

Marta Wróblewska: I never know how to describe myself as I am constantly changing and developing. I strive to live intensely, travel as much as I can and always add new things to my growing bucket list. I try to face all the new challenges on my way and being the Deputy Secretary General is certainly one of them. I love exploring new places, enjoy learning Spanish and I will never say no to the long conversations with a cup of tea. As DSG I will help SG with the matters such as fundraising, logistics, promotion and whatever is needed to make it all a great experience for all of you.

Jagoda Kochan & Marta Wróblewska
Deputy Secretary-General

President of General Assembly

My name is Ada and I am honoured to be on the position of the President of the General Assembly at the WrocMUN session of 2016. As I come from a small town, I could say that since I remember, movies were my “window to the world”. Now, living and studying in Wrocław, I demand more and more – to travel as much as possible and, eventually, educate in the NYC. My current areas of interest are Political Science and International Relations, however, I am aware of the fact that I may change my mind any second (as it happens quite often). I perceive my participation in MUN sessions as a good way to prepare myself for the future education and meet people of similar interests. As I’m involved in the organization of this year’s WrocMUN session – I truly can’t wait for the coming November. Stay excited! (we really are)


Adrianna Siwak
Madame President of General-Assembly



Head of Media Team

My name is Aleksandra Rakowska. Fashion, PR and media are the areas that I am most interested in and connect my future to. As for my free time and passions, I enjoy scuba diving very much and that’s the reason I travel a lot. As this year’s Head of Media Team I will try to provide you with a great deal of entertainment before, during and after the session. I will furnish you with a lot of memories to which you can come back not only in your mind, but also with the help of amazing photographs and videos. See you in November!

Aleksandra Rakowska
Madame Head of Media-Team