Welcome Letter

Prospective delegates!


It is my greatest pleasure to invite you to the 22nd edition of Wroclaw Model United Nations, held in the heart of Lower Silesian Voivodeship. During our conference, you will experience the mixture of tradition and innovation, professional chair board, exceptional committees and high quality of the debates.


It is your chance to develop personally, as the Model United Nations enables you to do just that. My goal as the Secretary-General is that every participant leaves with more knowledge and hunger for change in their communities. The honorable Chairpersons, the Board and I, will make sure to offer continuous support along the way, in order to provide you with the best experience during our days spent together. We want you to come inspired and eager to use your ideas and imagination towards a better future and we will provide you with a space in which speaking up and arguing your country’s stance is appreciated.


I want to offer to all of you the experience that I love and appreciate, the experience of participating in a Model United Nations conference, where we will all give a piece of our mind to create a mosaic of ideas. The entire chair board is already working together, linking thoughts and writing the Study Guides to make sure that we offer you an event that will boost both your personality and knowledge.


As the conference is approaching you will soon know what we had prepared for you. Do not miss the chance to became an aware citizen and create with us the socially responsible world.



Aleksandra Kuśmierska 

Secretary – General


Security Council

The reform in the UNSC

UN Women

Ensuring the right to education and equality in schooling opportunities


The question of the South African Border War in 1979

World Health Organization

Fostering mental healthcare in developing countries


Discovery of liquid water on Mars - the aftermath


Devising a unified NATO approach in the Israeli-Palestinian issue, in the view of recent rise in tensions

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