Welcome Letter

Dear future delegates!

It is my greatest pleasure to invite you to this year’s Wrocław Model United Nations conference. Although the event is still many months away, I am thrilled to announce that the preparations have already begun. The entire secretariat, full of passionate and creative people, is working hard to provide you with the best possible MUN experience.

This year we have decided to both embrace our tradition and focus on innovation: the conference will be rich in new, creative ideas, while still maintaining the highest academic standards. You will have a chance to learn about some of the new concepts sooner than you think. Some of them, however, will remain a secret until November.

I am looking forward to seeing you all in Wrocław!

Yours Faithfully,
Sonia Jakubiak
Secretary General of WrocMUN 2017

Our Committees

Familiarise yourself with our committees and make sure you chose the right one!

Our Staff

These people made it possible for you to take part in WrocMUN 2017!

Secretary General & PGA

Sonia Jakubiak
Dorota Zając

Deputy Secretary General

Zuzanna Ściborska
Sara Kotulska

SC Chairs

Jakub Kacperczyk
Szymon Jeżewski

NATO Chairs

Marcin Branowski
Julia Wysowska

HRC Chairs

Bartek Świąć
Łukasz Szuflicki

WHO Chairs

Marta Komosa
Patrycja Szymańska


Basia Witczak
Maja Kajdasz


Michał Bazan
Kuba Sawina

ICJ Chairs

Ania Bardowska
Paulina Sadkowska

Head of Media Team

Justyna Karbowiak